Master the Art of Parenting
Make your children the best version of their-self

|| 9 - 10 - 11 October 2020 ||  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

  • 90 percent of children blame their parents for their shortcomings
  • The upbringing and environment of the child determines his future!
  • Developing a positive and healthy perspective in your child is of utmost priority for him to succeed and sustain in future!
  • Learn the Art of making your child mentally physically psychologically stronger
Invest today in mastering this art so that tomorrow you don't have to say

- Oh my child doesn't listen to me!

- I knew he was doing it wrong but I could not save him!

- Oh he is addicted to laptop and mobile!

- And the list goes on....

Prepare him for a brighter tomorrow; Register for them

What you will Precisely Learn from this Workshop?

Art of communicating

How to give correct listening to your child

Bridge the generation gap

Learn the art of appreciating unconditionally

Art of de-motivating to motivate him

How to become an inspiration for your child

How to address his weaknesses

How to address his issues

Learn when to become a parent and when to become his friend

How to get rid of his mobile addiction

How to get him to study better

Becoming the strongest support in his life

Master art of nurturing and nourishing your bond

What Parents say about us!

"After three days course that I and my wife did with LateshSir,
 We got two new friends in form of our both Children's. Thank You LateshSir, Alpa Ma'am, Bhuvansir & WHDC."
Sanjeev Mehta


"Hello everyone. Recently I attended 3 days live workshop of parenting with Lattessh Sir. It was such a motivating, encouraging seminar where he guided us to be the best parents for our kids. He explained us how to make our kids present life brightful & how to groom our kids future colorful. He has helped us to understand our kids from mental level, to emotional level & how to deal with them in all aspects of life & make them strong & at the same time make them independent kids ,who will be proud to have wonderful parents like us & we have diamonds in our life. Thank u Lattessh Sir 4 giving us the best opportunity to be the part of ur workshop ☺️"
Bela Meswani
"Thank you Latesh sir and team fo holding this session and guiding us through and giving us so many idea and tips that we never thought of ... God Bless you all"
Kiran Kamaliya

Professional from Kenya

About the Speaker

 Mr. Latessh Shah

Master Human Coach and Human Builder 
(more than 25 years of experience in Parent Coaching)

  • He is awarded as the Best Citizen of India 
  • He has received Rabindranath Tagore Life-time Achievement Award in 2019
  • ​He is also awarded World Peace Ambassador by International and Inter-religious Federation for World Peace

|| 9 - 10 - 11 October 2020 ||  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 


Golden Opportunity for Parents having Children of Any Age Group

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